Constant Negative News, Fear, and Wearing a Fake Bomb

picture of Rima Najdi wearing a fake bomb

Lebanese performance artist Rima Najdi strolls the streets of Beirut, wearing a fake bomb.

Wearing a Fake Bomb

About an hour ago, my friend Jeff Moriarty posted a link to an article on about Lebanese performance artist Rima Najdi, who decide to stage what she called an “intervention” for the people of Beirut after two car bombs went off in their city of Beirut, killing ten people and injuring 136 others. Believe it or not, her “intervention” involved her walking around town wearing a fake bomb.


What I found most interesting is what the artist said about the recent bombings in Beirut affecting the people there so that they are now “angry and tense and acting incredibly individualistic”. Also, I find it extremely interesting (and disappointing) that the “politicians are feeding this tension and people are responding to what they are being fed, and it is making them more and more separated than ever before.”

Constant Negative News

It reminds me of Jeff’s earlier query about what “news” really is. It also reminds me of something that Darren Hardy said about Constant Negative News. Basically, he said if we want to get and stay mentally and psychologically healthy, we should avoid the constant barrage of negative news that the mainstream news media puts out. We should, instead, seek out as many positive news stories as possible. Because, really, regardless of what negative things are happening in the world around us, chances are that just as many – if not more – positive things are happening at the same time.

If we go around looking at the world with a scowl on our face, worrying and fretting and scared all the time, we’re going to see that scowl and attitude mirrored on everyone else’s face. (See the inspirational story, “The House of 1000 Mirrors”.)

Now, that is not to say that when something life-threatening like a bombing occurs near us, we should avoid news about it. But, I don’t think it helps anyone to watch the same story over and over, especially in the way that the mainstream news media presents these things. I’d be willing to bet that there is at least one person in Beirut who has not seen or heard about the bombings. He or she goes about through the city just like all those other people who have seen or heard the news/politicians. Both he and all the news-watchers survive the day…, but he gets home at the end of the day refreshed and feeling great about life while most of the news-watchers get home feeling “angry and tense and acting incredibly individualistic”.

Which way is better?

Pluviophile – An Earworm to Start Your Week Off Right

pluviophile definition with Singing in the Rain screenshot in the background

An earworm to make your day – regardless of rain

I woke up at 2:30 this morning and couldn’t get back to sleep. Naturally, I decided to try browsing the Web (You know – with the bright, blue-white screen blaring in my face.) to help me get back to sleep. Instead, I happened upon a new word. I didn’t know there was an actual word for “weirdos” like me (and, the “Singing in the Rain” cast) who in fact not only love the rain, but feel more at peace when it rains.

So I thought I’d play around with my new-found Adobe Illustrator skills obtained in Web Design college and share this with you. Hopefully, it’ll not only help you learn a nifty new word but plant what I think is one of the best earworms around in your head for the day.

Ooh I Love My Coffee!!

If you’re familiar with me at all, you know I really appreciate a good Cup of Joe (Love My Coffee!). And, despite being hard of hearing, I really love a good, happy, upbeat song. The above conjures up both, so I have to share it here.

I have to say, too, that it is so right that I discovered this in a message thread of a Facebook post by Jason Coffee. Mr. Coffee (which is truly his name) just epitomizes that upbeat, happy, smiley, loving, wonderful feeling that is always brought on by a good Cup of Joe!

Have a great day!!

A small cup of coffee.

From Wikipedia Commons: A small cup of coffee

How to Use Gravity Forms to RSVP to Events on

I have at least one client who wants an Events Calendar on their website and I’ve found several really good Event Calendar plugins for WordPress. But, is the best looking and most feature-rich, so that’s the one I’d really like to use. However, despite the fact that RSVP/Event Registration/Bookings being one of if not the most requested feature, it’s not available. The support forums for suggest that using Gravity Forms for RSVPing or Event Registration is an option (which is great because I love Gravity Forms), but they dont’ say how to use Gravity Forms for this.

Gravity Forms Plugin for WordPressIf you go to the Gravity Forms support forums, they also mention the desire for this feature/tie-in, but also do not explain how to do it. I’ve posted inquiries in both companies’ support forums, but I’m putting this out into the Internet to see whether any of you have any ideas/answers.

Switched From Namecheap to Dreamhost

Since this site kept going down (according to UptimeRobot) while hosted on Namecheap’s servers, I decided to take advantage of Dreamhost’s Lifehacker deal and switch. I’m happy I did. boblog is running much more smoothly now – I have yet to get an outage report.

I’ve also decided to take this opportunity to start fresh with the website. I’m still working on a strategy. I think I’ll use the site to display my portfolio of the websites I’ve created, converted, and manage.

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