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Hi there.
I'm Bob, a UX Designer in Chandler, AZ. I exist to advocate for users! Especially users with disabilities.

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User-centered 404 Page.

User-centered 404 Page

This is a user-friendly 404 page that keeps with the client's (Phoenix Zoo) brand voice. It might sound mundane, but every day millions of people land on 404 pages. This project gave me an opportunity to help those people in a way that's useful and aesthetically pleasing.

Drawing Sign-up Web Page to Win Celebrity Breakfast.

Drawing Sign-up Web Page to Win a Celebrity Breakfast

A sign up page related to a contest registration for an Eggs Benedict Extravaganza; a chance to win a private breakfast with singer John Legend.

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Newsletter Sign Up Call To Action.

Newsletter Sign Up Call To Action

This is a newsletter sign up CTA (call to action), designed in Figma, for a fun pet care website. To keep with the fun brand voice, the heading on the webpage is a bit snarky but keeps with the doggy theme. Who can resist that cute puppy face, and don't you want to read what he's looking at?!

In addition, the button's label isn't the usual, boring "Submit" or "Enter". Instead, it continues the theme of an exuberant pup like the one on the page and says, "Yes! Sign me up!"

Mobile eCommerce Website Landing Page.

Mobile eCommerce Website Prototype (Fictional Design Prompt)

My favorite musical group plans to release a new album on April 1, 2022, and they've chosen ME to design the landing page. This Figma Prototype demonstrates not only my design chops but also my knowledge of interactive Figma Prototypes.

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Redesigned Hersheyland website using Wurman's LATCH.

Redesigned Hersheyland Website Using Wurman's LATCH

Using Wurman's LATCH to redesign Hershey's website showcasing all of their candies.Notice that [L]ocation is used in the lower left corner; [A]lphabetical is used in the "Our brands A-Z" section; [T]ime is used in the scrolling timeline at the bottom of the page; [C]ategory is used in the "Our Products" section in the upper left; and, [H]ierarchy is used in the "Most Popular" section in the upper right.

A coming soon splash page using the concept of playful, Hitchcockian suspense to entice the user to sign up for updates.

Playfully Suspenseful Coming Soon Splash Page

Showcases the Rule of Thirds layout concept, this Hitchcockian Coming Soon splash page entices the user to sign up for updates. The heading and the Call To Action button are the top and bottom left "Sweet Spots" of the Rule of Third grid.

Bruce Banner User Persona.

Bruce Banner User Persona

User Persona for Dr. Bruce Banner, the primary user of a new reliable and fast clothing delivery company. I've included the most critical details that would allow a design and development team to understand Dr. Banner. This persona, designed in Figma, demonstrates my solid understanding of personas and showcases my creativity and eye for design layout and detail.

Bruce Banner's Journey Map for post-Hulk clothing needs.

Bruce Banner's Journey Map for Post-Hulk Clothing Needs

Bruce Banner's journey through his story of having to repeatedly replace his clothes, which are destroyed whenever the much-larger Hulk takes over his body. It includes Bruce's pain points, emotional ups and downs, decision points, and other critical details which allow us to relate to Dr. Banner and guides us through his journey.

This project was done in Figma and demonstrates my solid understanding of journey maps and showcases my creativity and eye for design layout and detail.

Results of Brainstorm for Pecha Kucha Between Five Members of Bob's Team.

Results of a Brainstorm for a Pecha Kucha Prepared By Bob's Team

My team brainstormed ideas about the Figure-Ground Gestalt principle and decided to use art throughout history to demonstrate various uses of the principle. We split our efforts to find appropriate images across the five of us and shared them all (along with the brainstorming results) in FigJam. Then, we elected the member who had access to Premier Pro on their computer to create the video and audio recording of the Pecha Kucha. We reconvened and offered feedback on the initial drafts until the final product was created.

This screenshot of the FigJam session shows my ability to participate in a Brainstorming session with fellow team members to the end of gathering images to use in a Pecha Kucha presentation.

Logo and Color Pallette for Alison Cosmetics.

Logo and Color Pallette for Alison Cosmetics

Cosmetics store commissioned redesign of their logo and a new color pallette.

Design Prompt: I'm the owner of Alison Cosmetics, and I'm looking to commission a new logo design for my online beauty store. It's hosted on viaGlamour, and their print team needs the logo to print on my cosmetics, engravings, use on storefront, and emails. My previous logo was just a boring font and was barely readable when used as a profile picture on our company's social media accounts. I was hoping you could make our products more memorable with an eye-catching logo design!

We mostly sell skincare products and cosmetics that include lipsticks, eyeshadows, blushes, and eyeliners. All the products are vegan, and we're well known for our limited-edition subscription box where we sell several of our best-selling cosmetics in a curated package.

The store mostly uses soft colors, ranging from pinks to purples, so I'd prefer to stick to similar tones for the store's visuals to feel consistent. I'm not interested in any cursive typefaces - I just don't think it would be legible on our website.

In addition, your design will most likely be printed on the bottom of our cosmetics. The printing area would be around 75 px x 75 px on a black surface, and it would be amazing to get a logo design that can fit into this tight space and still look good.

I'm excited to see what you come up with!

Alison Lee

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A Little Bit About Me

I'm an innovative and goal-oriented UX Designer with a strong commitment to collaboration and solutions-oriented problem-solving. I seek a creative UX Designer position. My background includes in-depth knowledge of cutting-edge technology for developing customer-focused websites and designs. I am committed to end-users' satisfaction throughout the project lifecycle.

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