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Hi again.
I'm still Bob, a UX Designer in Chandler, AZ. I keep existing to advocate for users! Especially users with disabilities.

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Drawing Sign-up Web Page to Win Celebrity Breakfast

Drawing Sign-up Web Page to Win Celebrity Breakfast.

Drawing Sign-up Web Page to Win a Celebrity Breakfast - Full Process

This project shows my ability to begin with a sketch based on a design prompt, then a wireframe, and finally a high fidelity final design.

One of my main attributes is meticulousness. So, when I start a project, I research the heck out of it. I got lucky with this one. The original concept for this project was simply "Create a sign up page, modal, form, or app screen related to a contest registration for Eggs Benedict Extravaganza, a chance to win a private breakfast with singer John Legend."

My research revealed that (1) in April 2022, John Legend began performing nightly shows at the Zappos Theater at Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas, NV, (2) National Eggs Benedict Day was April 16, and (3) Cafe Hollywood at Planet Hollywood serves three varieties of Eggs Benedict on their regular menu. Since it was fictional anyway, I decided that John's favorite breakfast is Eggs Benedict. And, voila, the narrative for this fun sign up page practically wrote itself!

Celebrity Breakfast Initial Sketch.

The first draft is as follows. Initially, I thought I'd need to have both a picture of John Legend and a delicious-looking plate of Eggs Benedict. But, later I saw that it's better to stick with just the picture of John Legend's beautiful "Bigger Love" album cover, designed by Charly Palmer.

Celebrity Breakfast 1st Draft.